I really just want to be alone right now

I have no idea how I was able to make any friends ever but I’m struggling with it real bad at my internship

I submitted to chubby-bunnies and even then I’m getting nervous as to whether or not I fit the standard.

My body type is weird. All the weight I gain goes straight to my midsection, but my waist line is still the slimmest part about me next to my legs. My boobs still look disproportionate to the rest of my body. Size 12 is the only size where I can comfortably fit a garment over my stomach. 

I’m definitely not stick thin but I’m not super voluptuous either. I’m just a giant blob, I feel like. 

porn just has the most ridiculous lines ever

like I know that’s obvious but in mostly all the videos I see there’s an intro with the girl where she’s like “I’m gonna do anal today!” or some interaction between the camera person and the actress and it’s like

camera person: “how are you today?”

actress: “i’m great! excited etc”

camera person: “why’s that?”

actress: “because I’m gonna bang five dudes in like ten minutes! maybe lick some assholes too. pls vote for me miss anal queen 2014”

if it were me I’d be stupid and be like *cr1tikal voice* “what’s up everybody this is Jenelle (or whatever my porn name is), I’m gonna play Gangbang Auditions, let’s do this shit”

and at the end when there’s jizz all over my face I’ll sign off with “well that’s enough of this, remember to rate the video, comment the video, and subscribe to my website if you wanna see more videos like this one. see ya.”

kinda feelin’ it today

Honestly ripping my skin off sounds like a better idea than anything else rn