Yo ya girl needs to be eaten out STAT

I’m getting pretty angry and I feel bad for doing so because you know why should anyone drop what they’re doing and listen to my shit again 

it’s probably just the hormones and the stress and the neediness all rolling up into one

this is EXACTLY why I never talk to anyone about anything.

I know deep down in my heart that you are worth it and I am sick of everyone telling me otherwise 

no one knows you like I do and it is hard for me not to love you after knowing you the way I do.

So I’m (hopefully?) getting my period soon which is cool because that would be a nicer explanation as to why I’ve been super bloated and eating everything in sight. Today I was really tired all day and worked on quite a few projects at work and at the end on the commute home I got extremely annoyed at everything and everyone and I want to cry a bunch too

Tomorrow’s Chrissie’s birthday and I feel like I should stay up til midnight to greet her but I don’t think I’m gonna make it til midnight at this rate. I feel like such an asshole, she does nice things for me every single day but I haven’t been able to get her a present. I think tomorrow I’ll try to go to the North End and get her favorite cookies and take her shopping 

I also hope to get most of my work done before 5 because on top of getting stuff for my sister I’d like to see Connor and talk to him about things. I also haven’t been over his place since last Tuesday and I haven’t seen him since this past Tuesday and that bums me out. I guess I’ve been wanting to talk to him because as much as we spent a lot of time together and we’re used to that, we’re not used to not seeing each other as much and I guess I’ve been bothered by how absent we’ve been from each other’s lives since we got back together. I’d like to think he wouldn’t do anything stupid, but I guess I want to assert how I feel.

I’m too tired and stressed and premenstrual. Bad combo.

I just finished watching the On The Run tour on TV and now I miss Connor horribly. I can’t wait for October. Not being with him has gotten pretty painful.

I just discovered there’s an orchestral version of the Spice Girls’ 2 Become 1

I have it on repeat and I’m fairly sure I’m gonna walk down the aisle to it one day

I have no idea how I’m not vegetarian by now, I should be

My parents took me to a slaughterhouse when I was really young and I saw a goat get killed right in front of me and I cried for three hours

Any form of animal cruelty makes me so uncomfortable but I eat so much meat so I feel like such a hypocrite

I want to try going veg again, I want to start taking better care of my health anyway. Cutting some meat out (for now) could be beneficial, and maybe I eventually will not feel the need to eat any more meat.

I feel so fat lately. I really need to start going to the gym but I don’t know if I can find the time. I got so tired last week from working and I just wanted to sleep and lay around when I get home, but my stomach is getting noticeably bigger and I keep eating so much crap.

I get so upset when Connor shaves his beard, it’s a little embarrassing